Bally Kalsi


K2 in running for Wolfson Prize

K2 Consultancy have teamed up with Bryden Wood to develop a vision of how our future hospitals can work better for patients, their staff and the communities they serve. 

The topic for this year’s Wolfson Prize explores how design and planning can improve patient experiences and K2 and Bryden Wood are working together to explore the opportunities of digital empowerment and societal change to develop a concept which addresses the Wolfson challenge.

The context for the topic is a combination of changes in the healthcare sector over recent years – changes in technology, including new diagnostics and health data; changes in the model of care, with more focus on multi-disciplinary and coordinated working; and finally changes in the service user, with the profile of a regular patient increasingly older, frailer and with more complex needs.

Together K2 and Bryden Wood are bringing a combination of leading edge expertise in open minded value-driven, creative thinking to bear on the issue, with the objective of developing an engaging, affordable, deliverable and sustainable solution that has modern methods of construction (MMC) approaches at its heart.

Bryden Wood brings their creative architectural and engineering design, and technology expertise to the development of progressive design solutions, while K2 brings their enlightened, practical programme, project and construction management delivery expertise, particularly those characterised by MMC approaches.

Both companies share a culture of innovation, a passion for improvement and relish the opportunity to create and deliver a better built environment for the benefit of all.


Project: New Hospital Programme