Well done is better than well said

Supporting a great cause like the Prostate Project is very straightforward, we mention them to clients and stakeholders at every opportunity, write the occasional blog and even attach a link to their fundraising page on all of our emails.

But, when we committed to make the Prostate Project our nominated charity, we were determined to do more than just the ‘usual CSR bit.’

That’s because we feel that their ‘Get Tested’ message is so important, particularly for the construction industry, employing as it does, so many men.

12,000 men die every year in the UK from prostate cancer, and yet many of these lives could be saved with a simple blood test, called a PSA. There are still men that think the test involves a rather unpleasant rectal examination, and we’ve all heard the jokes about Marigold Gloves and Doctors with fingers like bananas!

That’s why we have worked with the team at Square Daisy to produce a 90 second animation explaining in very stark terms what prostate cancer is, what the test involves and the remarkable recovery rates if the problem is detected early enough.

The animation has been designed to speak with audiences in every part of our industry, and not just the men, after all it’s often the women that drive family health care, so they can play their part by encouraging husbands, dads, uncles and sons to ‘Get Tested’. We will also be posting the film far and wide on social media and hopefully we will get lots of likes and shares.

You can view the animation below, but if you would like further information about prostate cancer and the amazing work that goes on at the Stokes Centre for Urology at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and the University of Surrey, please visit