Beating the market with digital and data expertise

In a rising wage and inflationary environment K2’s digital drive is primarily about helping clients to beat the market. We are investing in leadership in the field to create more value for our clients and to drive productivity.

The investment we’re making is focused on keeping our clients more informed with live information, using machine learning to embed lessons learned so we continue to improve our delivery and also on helping our clients to improve their own data maturity and digital processes.

Innovation in the current inflationary market is essential and the UK construction sector now has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in driving sustainable resilience through digital transformation. Our investment will help transform our organisation from data-enabled to data-driven and help empower our people to do their jobs more effectively and to deliver real cost savings.

One example is our use of parametric cost modelling which helps our clients balance inflationary pressures with core project objectives such as sustainability and quality. It’s designed to support informed decision-making through accurate and detailed data across all elements of our projects – and in many cases entire property portfolios or client estates.

K2 is also developing a clear and comprehensive digital strategy to enhance our capability and foster a self-driven culture of innovation where the value of data is understood and is treated as an asset. We are creating an environment where we integrate market-leading technology, continuously upskill our staff and enhance processes to deliver more tangible benefits to our clients.

K2’s investment includes our new Head of Digital and Data, Nick Stepanov. Nick is an emerging leader in the digital transformation of the construction industry. He has worked with Mott MacDonald, HS2 and Transport for London – where he successfully led and delivered digital transformation.

This appointment is part of our determination to help our clients beat the market and a significant step to harnessing the advances made in data and digital transformation across the industry.

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