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Enhancing Project Outcomes through AI Innovation

K2 is one of the few industry innovators, embracing the transformative power of AI to drive efficiency and excellence in project delivery.

K2 is one of the few industry innovators, embracing the transformative power of AI to drive efficiency and excellence in project delivery, ultimately enhancing outcomes for our clients.

We firmly believe in the synergy of responsible AI and sustainability as core to our business strategy. Recognizing AI as a powerful tool, our approach focuses on delivering tangible benefits to our clients in a meaningful way. In contrast to a solutions-first mindset adopted by others, we prioritise a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs, placing their challenges at the centre of our problem-solving process.

Collaboration is vital to move our industry forward and therefore we are actively building new partnerships, especially in the technology sector. To support our drive to constantly innovate, we are proud to announce a strategic partnership between K2 and InForecast, an AI-driven Project ESG Compliance Platform. This collaboration signifies a remarkable leap forward in our mission to promote sustainability and incorporate cutting-edge technology in construction practices.

Bringing Sustainability and Leading Technology Together

At K2, we have long recognised the essential role of sustainability and advanced technology in shaping the future of the construction industry. Our commitment to these core enablers drives us to seek the most innovative solutions to empower our clients to achieve their sustainability goals efficiently.

Unlocking the Potential: The InForecast Partnership

Our partnership with InForecast represents a significant milestone in our journey to advance sustainability and incorporate new technology, such as AI, into our services. InForecast is an AI-driven ESG Compliance Platform that brings industry-leading capabilities to simplify the compliance process for Real Estate projects to meet the diverse ESG requirements for regulations, funding and insurance.

Key Benefits of Our Partnership:

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Improved Robustness: With the InForecast Platform, we gain granular visibility and control over ESG requirements management for individual projects and teams. This enhanced oversight allows us to tailor our services to the unique sustainability needs of each project, driving efficiency and positive impact for People, Planet and Profit.

Reduced Risk: By harnessing the first-in-class performance visibility and benchmarking capabilities of the InForecast Platform, we can better spot trends and identify underperforming areas. This data-driven approach empowers us to reduce risks and ensure that our clients’ projects adhere to the highest ESG standards.

Driving Excellence: Through organisation-level control of sustainability policies and an AI-assisted strategy application at the project level, we can achieve unprecedented levels of performance. Our services, backed by the InForecast Platform, will enable our clients to make informed decisions, optimise sustainability, and enhance their overall project outcomes.

Beyond the Innovation: Advancing the State-of-the-Art

In our ongoing commitment to improving project outcomes through the latest technology, K2 has embarked on an exciting research and development journey in collaboration with InForecast as a part of an Innovate UK grant.

The Innovate UK R&D grant initiative reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the construction sector. By delving deep into ESG data and understanding the intricate web of interdependencies, we aim to provide our clients with innovative and data-informed solutions that drive excellence, reduce environmental impact, and ensure project success.

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A Testament to Our Pioneering Spirit

These initiatives exemplify our pioneering spirit in the industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a research-driven approach, we seek to elevate sustainability to new heights, offering our clients the most advanced services available.

John Setra, K2 CEO, shared his insights into this groundbreaking partnership: “Our collaborations with InForecast and Innovate UK are a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability. We aim to advance our position as a leading construction consultancy and construction management provider, promote responsible construction practices, and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.”


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