Enhancing Project Outcomes through AI Innovation

K2 is one of the few industry innovators, embracing the transformative power of AI to drive efficiency and excellence in project delivery.

Greg Visscher, Project

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Using the Five Capitals Model in Construction

K2 Consultancy applies the Five Capitals Model to guide our clients in delivering sustainable outcomes through their construction projects:

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Leveraging the Five Capitals Model: A Blueprint for Sustainable Construction with K2 Consultancy.

In an era defined by climate change and resource depletion, the construction industry faces a critical challenge: delivering projects that not only meet immediate needs…

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Five Capitals model


What’s most important – how cheap or how much value?

A framework for decision making to deliver sustainable outcomes.

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Beating the market with digital and data expertise

In a rising wage and inflationary environment K2’s digital drive is primarily about helping clients to beat the market. We are investing in leadership in…

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Beat the market – the PBSA sector

Shortage of accommodation is still there but tender price inflation and demand for sites continues to challenge the market. We believe there is a route…

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5 minutes with Paul Allen

"Challenging clients have pushed us to redefine the role and develop innovative propositions which now help our clients to beat the market"

Paul Allen, Director

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K2 makes post pandemic investment

Attracting new talent

John Setra, Executive Chairman

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