Welcome to Guy Ekins, our new Senior Project Planner

5th April 2016

On behalf of the K2 team, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Guy Ekins, our new Senior Project Planner.

Guy has joined K2 to assist in the planning process on selected projects and has been specifically recruited to work on the Chobham Manor project located close to the Olympic park in Stratford.

Guy graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Surrey longer ago than he cares to remember. He has spent over thirty years in the Design, Procurement and Construction of a wide variety of projects in the Oil, Gas, and Power generation industries working successively as Construction Engineer, Site Cost Engineer, Planning Engineer, Management Systems Engineer and Project Controls Engineer. Before working as a Project Controls consultant, he served ten years as Manager of Planning for Mitsui Babcock Power Ltd.

A qualified ECB cricket coach, Guy also enjoys a game of tennis. Hobbies include campanology, bridge and going for walks – usually with two miniature Shetland ponies.