Student accommodation

‘BREEAM Outstanding’ landmark development

This is a 603 bed, 32 storey student development constructed on an extremely small and challenging site. It is adjacent to the River Medlock and Manchester’s Oxford Road Station viaduct and main train line. The building has become a major new landmark in Manchester.

Extensive risks successfully overcome

Using their construction expertise our team worked successfully with the contractor to overcome a series of complex logistical and design challenges. There were significant risks associated with constructing a tall building on a constrained site adjacent to a river and live rail lines – all successfully managed by the team. The project also featured multiple stakeholders, multiple party wall agreements and a technically challenging, radically designed façade.

Technically extremely challenging

There were many logistical and design challenges overcome by the team, including – maintenance of façade at high level – we consulted specialist façade maintenance consultants to develop the design; detailed site investigations with substructure designed to suit ground conditions and load of building; and initial wind loading surveys at design phase – adjusting structure and façade design to suit. All of this resulted in the project being shortlisted for Project of the Year Award at the Construction News Awards 2021.

Unite Students
Artisan Heights

£80m Value

32 Storeys