Student accommodation

Accelerated programme

Five-storey new build in Coventry to create 114 bedroom student accommodation including studio units, common room and ancillary facilities. Works also included external landscaping and alterations to the existing accommodation building.

The superstructure was constructed using factory manufactured modular units. The modular method of construction was selected to achieve an accelerated programme for the new academic year student intake. Modules were completed off site – including finishes, fittings and furnishings – and delivered to site as fully finished units. The modules were stacked and bolted together before being externally clad. The scheme also included installation of two new lifts, installed in pre-cast concrete lift shafts and M&E installations including CCTV, access control, IT installations and a CHP unit.

The site presented challenges due to the proximity of the existing student accommodation building, other residential units and a road immediately adjacent to the site. Sensitive noisy works planning and liaison with neighbours was essential in managing relationships during the contract.


Sherbourne Property Holdings
Sherbourne House

£9m Value

114 Student beds