K2 are leading the team as project manager, construction manager and cost consultant on a new £300m offshore wind factory to be developed on Teesside.

It will be the world’s biggest monopile manufacturing plant and will sit on 90 acres of land within the Teesside Freeport.

The giant facility – at over 800 m in length – presents a range of design and construction challenges including its scale, low energy design and an accelerated programme.

It will offer 1.13million sq ft of high-quality factory space for the production of monopiles up to 120 m in length, 15.5 m in diameter and weighing 3,000tons which are used to support offshore wind turbines.

It will be the UK’s first monopile manufacturing facility – producing monopiles that form the foundations of offshore wind turbines – creating 2,250 jobs in the local supply chain.

Both SeAH Wind and K2 are fully committed to employing local workers and using the region’s talent and suppliers to deliver the facility.

SeAH Wind
Teesside offshore turbine factory – the largest in the world

£300m investment

40m tall

1.13m sqft factory