Building Surveying

K2’s Building Surveying service is delivered by chartered surveyors, providing nationwide coverage tailored to your needs. Our experience, expertise, and depth of knowledge allows us to offer a range of services addressing all your bespoke property related needs.



Office: +44 (0)1293 555545

We are able to advise numerous stakeholders including; investors, owners and occupiers spanning the life of a property from inception to demolition.

Our primary services are:

  • Acquisition or occupation building survey (for investors or leasehold)
  • Condition surveys (including photographic to append to leases)
  • Design, procure and administer property changes, refurbishments, external maintenance and internal fit-out
  • Measured property surveys
  • Property defect identification and rectification
  • Party Wall Surveys for developers and adjoining owners
  • Property development monitoring
  • Schedules of dilapidations with landlord and tenant negotiations
  • Maintenance programming and development
  • Fire insurance and reinstatement valuations
  • Crane and scaffold over-sail advice

When we advise our clients, we focus on understanding their specific objectives and satisfying the requirements of all parties involved including; solicitors, property agents and accountants.

Our service network extends to a range of specialists capable of providing expert legal advice and the most technologically advanced testing methods available to the industry.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Phillip Jemmison, Head of Building Consultancy on 01293 555545 or 07867 391514