Cost management

A differentiating philosophy and spirit

We practice a blend of traditional quantity surveying, construction management and management consultancy to create a brand of cost and commercial management that makes a real difference to clients and their projects.

The K2 brand of cost and commercial management is rooted deep in the history of construction management and majors on construction management behaviours and practices and then looks to the tools and techniques of management consultancy to ensure that the advice we provide is aligned with current and emerging thinking to put the interests of our clients first and to live up to the role of client advocate.

A progressive and forward thinking approach

We deliver cost management leadership in setting-up projects for success. We deploy a proposition of construction cost and commercial management, commercial programme management and cost-led design via a construction management/integrated form of procurement or delivery partner approach.

We view our projects through a ‘five capitals’ lens and think beyond capital costs, through to operating costs, the stages and interventions in asset life and on to disassembly at the end of asset life.

In addition, we understand that only circa 65p in the pound ends up in residual asset value. In response we seek to optimise the product spend at the same time as seeking to reduce the transactional costs of construction which includes for example project fees, overheads and risk.

The benefits of our approach  include:

  • Reduction in Embodied Carbon
  • Reduction in Capital Costs
  • Reduction in Programme
  • Reduction in Quantities of Material

Key Contact

Paul Allen