Bally Kalsi
Associate Director
Project Management

Bally has over 20 years’ experience under her belt in delivering major capital projects within Healthcare and at Heathrow Airport. Bally’s native wisdom allows her to manage stakeholders in complex environments and to balance their needs. Her tenacity provides clients and colleagues confidence and assurance that issues, big or small, are followed through to resolution.

What’s your proudest moment at K2?
The successful delivery of the Stokes Centre for Urology which required the management of complex stakeholders and delivered the long term aspiration of prostate cancer patient Colin Stokes.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
My family

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I’ve never known what I wanted to do!  I’ve worked hard and have had the opportunity to learn from great people I’ve worked with.

What do you think your future holds?
Developing healthcare projects within deprived communities within the UK and internationally


What’s your best career advice?
Learn to be comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings and make real connections with people

What do you find most exciting about the healthcare sector?
Change and investment expedited due to the pandemic which will provide infrastructure suitable for tomorrow.  Opportunity to improve patient journey, provide the best possible healthcare service and be an attractive place to work for future generations.

Why is being a responsible business so important?
Health, wellbeing and community should be at the centre of what we do, so as we prosper, so does our business.