Darren Kemp
Projects Director
Cost Management

As Projects Director, Darren oversees all of K2’s cost management commissions, managing the team and delivery of our services to ensure our clients’ expectations are not only met but exceeded – through development of innovative solutions wherever possible.

Darren has developed a passion for delivering better solutions to clients and more certainty of outcome via progressive methods of commercial management, harnessing the best of consultancy and contractor expertise – underpinned by the philosophy of construction management.

What’s your career story?
I was very fortunate when I started my career in construction to be surrounded by a group of great mentors and to be able to work on a wide range of exciting projects whilst attending college and university.  This gave me a great grounding and deep understanding of my profession from a very early stage.

Before too long I found myself running a number of large and exciting projects, working in, and leading cost management teams for large programmes of work.

Having spent nearly two decades delivering traditional cost management services I became increasingly aware of the problems clients face within the industry and was keen to explore a more progressive cost management solution and service offering. This has led me to where I am now at K2, and as a team we’re really excited about the future!

What’s your best career advice?
The construction industry is so varied, so I’d say “surround yourself with great people and mentors, spend time to learn your strengths, find your passion, and be part of the solution”.

What characteristics and skills do you look for in people?
As quantity surveyors we are all about attention to detail but we always need to keep sight of the bigger picture – and of course teamwork and collaboration!

What motivates you?
Two things I would say – being an integral part of professional design teams that change the built environment for the better is really rewarding.

Secondly, we work in a great industry but it does need to change. I find being part of that change and breaking down the accepted norms in the way we deliver construction projects exciting, as it’s all focused on delivering better and more certainty of outcome for clients.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
I’m a country lad at heart so love the great outdoors, especially winter hiking and mountaineering, although I’m becoming increasingly conscious of the heights as I get older!

What are you most proud of
My family, (although I’m struggling to convince my daughters that quantity surveying is fun!)

If your teenage self could see you now what would you think?
Wow, you’ve aged well!

Who are your inspirations?
I couldn’t name one so, firstly, both Sir Michael Latham and Sir John Egan in equal measure for championing collaboration and attempting to apply reforms to the industry. Looking back they have both contributed to my passion for a more progressive approach.

Secondly, and all too often overlooked, skilled specialist tradesmen.  Ultimately our industry is about improving our built environment and its always inspiring to see amazing architecture come to life as a result of their knowledge and skills, acquired through years of dedication to their trade.