Michael Gool
Project Director

Michael has 25 years in the industry and over this period has worked with a number of major consultancy’s delivering specialist MEP advice across various sectors and RIBA stages, each time adapting to the specific demands and trends to suit the business needs.

Michaels role for K2 is to add depth in Cost Consultancy with Michael’s specific expertise in MEP Services across new and existing project delivery. Michael is also looking to upskill the knowledge within the teams and maintain awareness of new technologies across the sectors.


What’s the proudest moment of your career?

Pointing out buildings I’ve worked on to my children, ‘boring’ them with the facts, insights & history behind them.


What motivates you?

Gaining knowledge across evolving sectors and technologies.


What skills and characteristics do you look for in people?

Enthusiasm goes a long way, if you have this then you’ll naturally become more inquisitive, questions will be asked, the people around you will improve and so will the industry.


How did you get into construction?

I was seeking a career that could combine working in a professional environment that offered exploring London. The chartered surveyors training trust put me forward for my first interview at Mott Green & Wall, this was the start of the MEP world.

What do you enjoy most about the industry?

Providing a physical landmark that will benefit its occupants.

Do you have a favourite building?

201 Bishopsgate & the Broadgate Tower, the first 1m sqft office I was involved with as a trainee.