Nick Barton
Marketing, Business Development

Nick has enjoyed over 25 years in the industry working closely with like-minded people, helping develop innovative businesses – all construction and management consultancies – and feels lucky enough to have had involvement in some high-profile projects including Tate Modern and the Royal Opera House.

What’s your favourite building?
I am still a big fan of Tate Modern which I was involved with for Schal, the company that introduced Construction Management to the UK. It’s a cathedral like building with a letterbox entrance which squeezes you into the gallery, before spectacularly opening up into the cavernous turbine hall. Architects Herzog de Meuron were exceptional and very clever.  I remember walking through the gallery shortly before opening, with Monets, Picassos and Matisses casually leaning against the wall, ready for hanging!

What’s your personal philosophy?
Not so long ago in our industry people in my role were often not much more than schmoozers with a black book. My approach has always been more considered, strategic and value driven. I enjoy helping people make the most of their expertise, putting together teams to deliver solutions for clients and seeing a great outcome from the collaboration – and that has been my founding philosophy throughout.

Who has been your mentor?
I have worked with some great people over the years, but I think I can say that Stan Hornagold stands out. Stan created such a wonderful culture in his business, Hornagold & Hills, where so many people flourished. He set standards and was robust in expecting people to live up to them, but he enabled everybody to make a contribution.  He developed an exceptional team who worked hard and played hard. Those who know him and worked for him recognise his achievements.

What would you like to own that you don’t currently possess?
A short while ago I would have said a better full suspension trail mountain bike, but I recently took delivery of an amazing machine which is such fun to ride on the singletrack up in Scotland. I am now content!

What do you think are the benefits of K2 joining the Hanmi Global family?
K2 is a small practice with a distinctive approach based on CM principles, which many clients appreciate – particularly the engagement with all members of a project team. John Setra’s continuing stake in the business means HG’s investment hasn’t changed that but it is bringing a different dimension to the practice and is enabling it to realise some of its wider ambitions. HG’s international relationships are providing a substantial presence in key markets for K2 – and K2 is bringing to HG new expertise in cost leadership and MMC.